1. my once a year pop post! this year: Ellie Goulding backstage at Wireless 2014


  2. jewellery shoot for Rebecca Gladstone


  3. best dressed person on set


  4. Primavera 2014 has begun … with drizzle. Muchos annoyingos. However, 2 days in and it’s not deterring this place from being one of the most enjoyable music festivals in the world. I love this place.


  5. "lovely weather, may I take your photo?"


  6. playing around with Colour Implosion film. It’s another mucky film, not many useable frames!! Recommended if you like VERY noisy photos and unpredictable colours. Not recommended if you aren’t into either of the above.


  7. The John Steel Singers - Full Time Hobby


  8. Quilt: the band behind one of my favourite album covers this year so far. taken at the Windmill in Brixton.


  9. a recent (purple) hazy American trip


  10. Some more photography/design Childhood promo work in full swing use for their upcoming Spring spell around the UK.


  11. Childhood promo shoot


  12. Chuckie


  13. Wild Beasts release their 4th album today (Sweet Spot is a sweet track) here they are hanging about a London alleyway, as you do, shot for Loud & Quiet.


  14. taking inspiration from Samantha Keely Smith


  15. CREAM