1. Some more photography/design Childhood promo work in full swing use for their upcoming Spring spell around the UK.


  2. Childhood promo shoot


  3. Chuckie


  4. Wild Beasts release their 4th album today (Sweet Spot is a sweet track) here they are hanging about a London alleyway, as you do, shot for Loud & Quiet.


  5. taking inspiration from Samantha Keely Smith


  6. CREAM


  7. Cosmo Sheldrake, a curious and unique musician. His debut single will be out on Transgressive in March, in the mean time watch one of his brilliant videos, I promise it’s worth your time.


  8. Meli



  10. back in the big smoke, really missing the woodlands.



  12. Hookworms

    Forget the hyped buzz bands: this is the sound of the past, present and future all rolled into one”

    2013 was quite the year for Hookworms. Their psychedelia wet dream debut LP ‘Pearl Mystic’ was released in March and quickly received to a rapture of critical acclaim (it is rather brilliant). Despite the keen global attention and numerous ’end of year’ lists featuring their debut, they’re completely unfazed by such fuss, the antithesis of most new acts who prioritise an unlikable lust for fame. You know, social media hogging types or shameful product endorsing types (here’s looking at you The 1975/Dre Beats, ergh that band!!).

    They’re a camera shy bunch, but they were hugely enjoyable to meet and I appreciate this image as a document of time spent with lovely people on a cold November beach …. well, lovely people who also just so happened to have made one of the best albums of the year and show huge potential for more brilliance to come.



  14. Shopping, shot for Loud & Quiet magazine.