1. jewellery shoot two for Rebecca Gladstone Jewellery


  2. Andy Burrows album and promo photography for PIAS


  3. a rain dance to youth


  4. Ghost Culture for Phantasy Sound


  5. Secret Garden Party 2014

    Back in 2012, Secret Garden Party was a big event for me. It was my first major photography job in a team of utter professionals. I turned up owning no professional camera gear, I borrowed a Nikon (never used a Nikon!) and a Macbook from another friend … I won’t even begin the remaining list of things I was oblivious to with professional photography. I think I did ok that weekend! It was the start of a life changing working relationship with Danny North and Andrew Whitton. I am fortunate enough to continue working with them at great entertainment events.

    Two years on, Secret Garden Party 2014 has gone and been another big step for me. Danny and Andrew put me in charge of managing the team of 6 official SGP photographers, and representing their photography company, Fanatic, at the same time. Gulp.

    Fortunately the photographers I was managing were all brilliant snapping humans, we quickly formed a really solid team bond and if I’m honest I think we did a bloody brilliant job of it!! You can find all the photo’s in full glory here.

    Secret Garden Party is a damn special place to me, and all who attend it I’m sure. It’s without a doubt the no.1 event in my Summer’s calendar. I’m already looking forward to next year. <3


  6. psychecco


  7. Erol Alkan and Daniel Avery for Loud and Quiet


  8. my once a year pop post! this year: Ellie Goulding backstage at Wireless 2014


  9. jewellery shoot for Rebecca Gladstone


  10. best dressed person on set


  11. Primavera 2014 has begun … with drizzle. Muchos annoyingos. However, 2 days in and it’s not deterring this place from being one of the most enjoyable music festivals in the world. I love this place.


  12. "lovely weather, may I take your photo?"


  13. playing around with Colour Implosion film. It’s another mucky film, not many useable frames!! Recommended if you like VERY noisy photos and unpredictable colours. Not recommended if you aren’t into either of the above.


  14. The John Steel Singers - Full Time Hobby


  15. Quilt: the band behind one of my favourite album covers this year so far. taken at the Windmill in Brixton.